The Save Rosia Montana movement is becoming an international movement of concerned citizens standing in solidarity with the people of Romania. It is most of all a movement of people who are acting upon integrity, upon information and understanding of what is happening, and upon a commitment to not stand back or be passive in the face of abuse, manipulation, and intimidation by incompetent political officials and an abusive corporation. Deep appreciation to actor Woody Harrelson and to the growing number of citizens – actors, artists, journalists, politicians, and concerned individuals around the world – who are standing in support with the people of Romania. This is a movement to protect the environment, a movement for dignity, and a movement that says ‘NO MORE’ to incompetence, disrespect, and abusive government which, together with RMGC, have been trying to rob, threaten and abuse the people of Romania.

Around the world an increasing number of actors, politicians, environmentalists and concerned citizens - people who believe in and want to help Romania - are standing up to support the Salvati Rosia Montana movement; to support Romania.
Around the world an increasing number of actors, politicians, environmentalists and concerned citizens – people who believe in and want to help Romania – are standing up to support the Salvati Rosia Montana movement; to support Romania.

I was asked now by a friend and wonderful democratic activist in his own country if I was responsible for Woody Harrelson’s support for Salvati Rosia Montana (I most certainly wasn’t, and in fact had nothing to do with it, but my deepest appreciation, admiration and respect to those who did and to Woody Harrelson himself). This is my reply. I think…it may be inspiring, and important,for all of us…for today: we are all Rosia Montana!

“No Wassim, I had nothing to do with it. That’s the true beauty of this movement. There’s no one person making things happen. There’s no hundred people making things happen. There are tens of thousands of us – learning, working, sharing, supporting, building together. People who had connections to him must have reached out and inspired him, or he saw what was happening and chose to get involved. We need support from the people of Tunisia as well my friend. This is a historic moment for Romania. The people of Romania are doing all we can…for a deep struggle..a struggle to overcome shame, a struggle to overcome disempowerment, a struggle to make our government…for the first time in decades..or perhaps the first time ever…treat people with respect and fulfil their responsibility as elected officials…servants..of the people of this country…or to go. Woody Harrelson’s action is fantastic…because it recognises and gives respect to what the people of Romania themselves are doing. Every one of us who’s ever dreamed of something better for Romania, every one of us who’s ever…felt sadness when we see the corruption, incompetence and abuse of some of our elected officials; everyone of us who’s ever been to our hospital system, especially in rural areas, or our school system in rural areas, and seen how we are failing those most in need; every one of us who’s ever seen the tragedy of so many of our pensioners not having enough to survive in a life of dignity, while politicians increase their salaries; everyone of us…in Romania…around the world..who has ever dared to dream..that a life of dignity, a government and country based-upon respect and good governance, is possible…WE ARE ALL ROSIA MONTANA! …and we are rising! On Sunday, September 15th there will be a day of actions, celebrations, unity and rising across Romania, and solidarity actions around the world. Join us.”


3 thoughts on “WE ARE ALL ROSIA MONTANA!

  1. The problem is, What is going to happened with those workers. They will be with out jobs, and the small cities and villages will die with the jobs. should the government do something, can we help those people?

    1. A very good point. Thank you for making this. Those involved in the Save Rosia Montana campaign see jobs as an extremely important priority. What’s important for people to know though is that:

      1. The company and government have effectively created an economic blockade of the region through:
      i. labelling it a mono-industrial area which prevents alternative development plans
      ii. preventing for several years now companies from registering to open new businesses

      2. The project will not contribute a significant number of jobs, those jobs will not be sustainable, and the long-term impacts of the project on the region will cost far more to Romania both in environmental clean up as well as lost development opportunities and preventing job growth

      Romania does need jobs, and the region of and around Rosia Montana needs jobs. What we have not had for 20 years is a well thought through development plan for rural areas promoting job creation, sustainable livelihoods, infrastructure development and economic growth. These should be priorities for the country.

      With appreciation, Kai

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